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David Shukman

Project Editor

“As a journalist I’ve become used to reporting on the results of research that come at the end of a scientific project. So it’s fascinating to be in at the start of a great endeavour to experience the uncertainties of its early stages but also to sense the immense potential for discovery and new understandings.”

David Shukman was the BBC's first Science Editor

As the BBC’s first Science Editor, David Shukman led its coverage of research and the environment for nearly twenty years. Praised by Sir David Attenborough for being “a leader in raising awareness of climate change”, he won awards for his reporting from remote frontlines from the Arctic to the Amazon. Favourite memories include witnessing the fall of the Berlin Wall and landing on an iceberg as big as Manhattan. Now working as a freelance journalist, speaker and consultant, David is supporting the Horsepower project as a reporter and adviser.

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