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Prof Ludovic Orlando

Principal Investigator

CNRS and University of Toulouse

“Horses, metals, DNA, archaeology, Mongolia, China and amazing collaborators. I'd be a fool not to be excited!"


Ludovic Orlando is a pioneer of the analysis of ancient DNA

Ludovic Orlando is renowned for landmark studies including a series generating new insights into the domestication of animals, particularly the horse. His research is regularly published in the leading scientific journals with no fewer than 23 papers in Nature and 15 in Science. Ludovic’s work is widely reported in media outlets worldwide. Born in 1977, when the first DNA was sequenced, he has devoted his career to combining genetics with computational science, anthropology and fieldwork to track the evolution of the shared history of humans and animals. Founding director of the Centre for Anthropobiology and Genomics of Toulouse at the University Paul Sabatier, Ludovic was awarded the prestigious CNRS Silver Medal for “the originality, quality and importance” of his work last year. 


For Ludovic, the attraction of the Horsepower project is its unique combination of themes and people.

He’ll be using his genetic expertise to bring to life the civilisations that rose in parallel Mongolia and China.

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